The hors d’oeuvre party

 A selection of small bites passed by 

staff members that circulate the room. 

Alternating in types and styles, 

we choose 8 or 9 different small bites 

based on the style of the event. 

These elegant bites are passed through the length of the party and are continuous. 

This type of party is supposed to take the place of the evening meal; your guests enjoy a myriad of tastes and flavors all evening while mingling and enjoying the beauty of your event space. 

All small bites are designed to be one wonderful bite so that guests may comfortably hold a glass, converse politely 

and not have a dry-cleaning bill afterwards.

Pricing Structure

• $45 per person (8 items)

• $50 per person (10 items)

• All serving platters, napkins and 

necessary wares are included.

• Items like glassware and chairs can 

be rented for an addition cost.

Service staffing: (based on number of people)

- 10 people and under = chef + 1 assistant

- 11 to 18 people = Chef + 2 assistants

- 19 to 26 people = Chef + 3 assistants

- 27 to 35 people = Chef + 4 assistants

Staff pricing:

o Chef Jason $85/hr. (4 hr. average)

o Cooks Assistant $55/hr. (4hr. average)

This cost line up will help you asses the cost for your event. Please remember to add the appropriate sales tax for your event location. 

Call or email if you have any questions and please review the current menu on the website for ideas!