Begin your selection process like this..

Call or email to find availability for your event!

Begin with selecting four or five of your favorite small bites from the Hors d’oeuvre list to be passed at the cocktail hour.

Secondly, use the three menus (appetizers, salads and soups) to select the first two courses. It can be any combination of these items and truly depends on what appeals to you and your event.

Then choose your favorite entrée from the entrée menu.

We can always customize vegetable and starches to fit with your tastes or dietary restrictions.

Finally, choose one of our fabulous

desserts to finish the meal.

Together we are designing one menu for the evening

and all guests will experience

the same delicious bites simultaneously.

When we incorporate red meat items onto the menu we default to medium rare but can always prepare custom temperatures for individual guests.

Vegetarian requests can be incorporated for an additional cost and plant based menus are available also.

Customization is our signature and we are excited to help you 

plan a wonderful experience.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas!