Chef Jason Vernon

My culinary adventure began at my mothers table. One of my earliest memories was being a toddler and standing on a chair at the table rolling balls of chocolate and dropping them into cocoa and giggling at the little chocolate explosions. Rolling truffles by hand was just the beginning of an unending passion for food. I was surrounded by rolled pie crust and mincemeat, rabbit cassoulet and duck confit, and the crack and crumble of merengue with fresh berries. Throughout my formative years food was central to our family. I was blessed with adventurous parents that were not afraid to explore cuisines of the world with my sister and I. With New York City a stones throw away, the diverse world of food was all around and persistently brought a smile to my face.

It was not until my third restaurant job that I met an alumni from The Culinary Institute Of America, Chef Jim Gellheiser, who pushed me to go to school.

"You're a good cook, but you don't know anything. You must go learn the how and the why."

There began the full immersion into the crazy beautiful world of restaurants. I immediately felt in love with the CIA and the wealth of information, history, tastes, and new flavor combinations I had never even fathomed. One of my instructors pushed me to choose something more challenging than my peers for "externship" (an internship away from school to experience restaurants and hotels at the top of the industry) who were mostly choosing beach side fun locations. My experience at the Four Seasons Hotel of Chicago under Chef Mark Baker was a stern and eye opening education that I will never forget. It was an immersion into the seriousness and the precision that is required to succeed at the highest level. I was now more committed than ever before and completely in love with the beautiful world of cuisine.

I completed my bachelors degree while running a wedding venue out of a winery with a great friend and decided to head to New Orleans to experience the culinary Mecca of the south. Surrounded by street cars and the smell of beignets and chicory coffee a whole new style and flavor set in to my palate. Landing a job with Emeril Lagasse at his NOLA property in the French Quarter, quickly I learned the chops of cajun southern creole. What an incredible experience working and living in such a culinary tapestry with such rich history of food and music. My heart will always be in New Orleans.

Returning to New York and eager to learn more I landed a job with Chef Reza Korshidi. His fame from Rebeccas in Greenwich opened a new property, RK American Brasserie. I signed on as a sous chef and quickly proved my toughness and tenacity, outlasting all other culinary graduates to become Chef de Cuisine and garner four stars from the New York Times. But I was not happy. It was not my style and not my expression. It was someone else's and I had grown eager to express my own burgeoning thoughts and ideas.

Then, the chef/owner of Soupcon ran an ad in the New York Times "restaurant for sale Crested Butte CO". Mom and Dad had brought my sister and I out here when we were very young and we had great memories. So it seems a touch of fate had presented a whole new opportunity and a chance to shine in my own location.

I ran Soupcon Bistro from the start of 2006 to the end of 2017 and it was the greatest experience of my life. I had the opportunity to create food in the most beautiful setting of an antique mining cabin in the mountains, and I got to work with some of the most wonderful people I could have ever imagined. With the help of incredible cooks and brilliant waitstaff I was able to live the dream of creating a top tier restaurant in a mountain paradise that is truly breathtaking. 

Now begins a new chapter. Speckled Goose Culinary is the culmination of over 24 years in the restaurant industry honed into a boutique catering operation that is dedicated to bringing culinary excellence to your event. Focused on smaller venues and intimate gatherings, my mission is to bring delicious food experiences to your special life moments. Allow me to create for you an experience that reflects your tastes and desires. Uniqueness and creativity are what I build events around, and the repertoire of recipes and ideas are not limited to what you see here on this site.

Please call me and lets brainstorm how to make your next event a mountain memory that you will cherish for years.

-Eat well, love deeply, and always give thanks.

Chef Jason Vernon